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About Us

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SuperAlert was founded by a group of engineers who successfully developed and deployed sensor technology for tracking wildlife in Antarctica.  We are:


Expert Witness TestimonyNathaniel Polish, Ph.D.

Dr. Polish has developed and deployed a great many systems over more decades than he cares to admit.  The SuperAlert technology is a great mix of his love of embedded systems, signal processing, and large-scale distributed systems.  While New York City boiler rooms are not quite as hostile as Ross Island Antarctica where is penguin weighbridges are deployed, they are a fascinating challenge.  Also as a long-time New York City Coop board member Dr. Polish has been contributing to the efficient management of his own building for many years.



Seth Herr

Seth Herr has developed field-deployed sensor systems as well as extensive and robust back end infrastructure for many years.  He also brings experience with real-world deployment of network infrastructure and managing teams to deploy and maintain systems.





Carissa OTTOSON is in charge of the daily business operations at SuperAlert. As the point of contact for scheduling, work assignments, project management, and more – she coordinates with the team to encourage the most efficient progress towards company goals. Ottoson designs and implements plans for the management of new projects, as well as administrative organizational changes. Her previous experience is primarily in project planning and team management.